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High Quality T-Shirts. For Your Life.

King of Stars Clothing (KOS) formerly known as All Stars Clothing, is an established clothing line based out of our nation’s capital, Washington DC but vastly spread throughout the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) areas. KOS Clothing was created with the vision of establishing a quality and stylish brand that would effortlessly stand out in the clothing industry. 

Our vision is achieved by using exclusively high-quality materials, creating and manufacturing all products in the United States, and employing innovative graphic designers with fresh ideas to create a collection of 
graphic print t-shirts unmatched by any other brand. 

Our commitment to quality products and service is evident in every aspect of our company. We greatly appreciate our customers, who always come first at KOS Clothing. Our ideology is simply this: "It takes nothing to be average, but it takes everything to be great." Everything about our design choices, from the materials to the colors of each piece embodies this culture. Our goal is to make 
high quality t-shirts that our customers, as well as members of the KOS team can wear with pride. 

Being a D.M.V.-based company, we make sharing our culture and art with the world a priority, while being sure to embrace other cultures and incorporating influences into KOS designs. By doing so, our brand will unify people that may have otherwise, never had anything in common despite their physical and cultural boundaries. Our personal motto is to never offer anything that we would not be proud to own and/or wear ourselves. Each product is held to the highest standards of quality, comfort, fit and durability. King of Stars raises the bar to go above and beyond the expectations of our consumers. We thank you for your support in advance; King of Stars Clothing is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle. Have a look at our custom graphic t-shirt designs and find your size in the apparel fit for a King